Hemming Sheer Fabrics

If you follow me on Twitter you might recognize my “nearly finished” dress.   Yep, as of this morning it was still in the same nearly finished state.   Hemming was the last step missing, presumably the easiest part of this dress but I have been procrastinating, worried that I might just ruin it.
There are a lot of great suggestions searching the internet and many ways to hem sheer fabrics. I have tried quite a few of them but in the end I discovered my own easy way for hemming my dress.  I’ll show you how I did it, maybe it will be helpful to you.
– Press your fabric so it’s all smooth.  Test the heat of your iron on scrap fabric first.  Some sheer fabrics will melt very quickly with a hot iron.
– Staystitch on the desired hem line of your garment, at least 1cm away from the edge for seam allowance.  This will make it easier to hold and control the fabric while you’re sewing.
– Fold the hem on the staystitch, with raw edge of the fabric to the inside of the garment.
– With a narrow zigzag stitch sew along the folded edge enclosing the first stitch.  On my sewing machine (Singer Stylist) I used 2.0 width and 1.3 length.

– Cut the extra fabric close to the stitching but careful not to cut the stitches or your garment.
 – Then zigzag along the edge one more time,  and you’re done!
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