Vogue 1314: my make

I already know this dress is going to get a good wear. It’s super comfy, and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out.

This is a really easy pattern to construct. It can be done in just a few hours, even with my habit of taking my time sewing.

Fabrics I used: Viscose jersey knit + swimwear lining

The softness and stretchability of the fabric has a big impact on how the ruching will look. Viscose jersey is very soft and has a lot of drape, something that needs to be taken into account before cutting.

This pattern’s suggested measurements for me is 12 chest / 14 hips (I’m pear shaped). So I started with cutting a size 12 bodice then grated to size 14 from waistline down. However, after gathering and basting the sides, it turned out the gathers were very saggy. I ended up reducing top and bottom to a size 10 in order to get a good fit.

Also an effect of very stretchy jersey, the original gathering went quite low on my sides. I reduced the stay strip (pattern piece 2) by almost 3 inches and gathered the dress to match the stay.

The lining, which is significantly sturdier fabric than the jersey, was cut on size 12 all around and worked out perfectly.

To keep the lining from twisting around every time I dress I stitched the side seams of lining, about 2 inches, along the ruching just around hip line.

I left the sleeves out as I’d like to wear this dress in the summer as well. Instead, I cut binding strips of 14.5 in long (2 in wide) for each arm and followed the same method as in  this video instruction, with most stretching below the arm and barely any stretch towards and over the shoulder. The same for the neckline, with binding measuring 23 in x 2 in.

Very rarely I sew the same pattern twice but I can definitely see myself making this one again, except next time I’ll use a much heavier knit.

I hope this helps and I’d love to see how your make turns out.

Thanks for stopping by!


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