Old and Boring to New and Exciting

Ever been reluctant to give up your favorite dress even though it hasn’t fit you and you haven’t worn it for a really long time, possibly years? I’ve been even more of a pack rat since I discovered what I can do with all my old clothing. One of the many things is I don’t have to wait to fit into my favorite dresses, I can use it to recreate a new favorite piece! With this in mind the pile has been getting bigger and bigger but I do try to keep at it.
This is one of my old refashions. One very plain top + an extra large skirt + an old belt = one much more wearable dress.
I first fit the skirt to my size where I wanted it to sit on the dress.

With the extra fabric from the skirt, I made a braid of spaghetti straps and attached to the top. Also swapped the top shoulder strap with remnants from skirt.
Then to add a bit of connection between the skirt and top, I drew one of the roses from the fabric pattern of the skirt and embroidered into the top.


This is the result!



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